Murray, Kentucky, United States

The Computer Guy’s computer repair internship program will have you working independently on computer hardware/software issues with the close guidance of professionally trained, experienced A+ certified computer repair technicians.

Interns will learn practical troubleshooting skills on how to solve everyday computer related problems such as virus removal, spyware removal, hardware repair, replacement and upgrade. Training will also include a high level of face-to-face client interaction in which interns will develop listening and communication skills which become a valuable asset to potential employers.

Every intern will get to work directly in our computer repair center. You will work on real computer with real problems. You will learn how to fix laptops and desktop computers. You will remove viruses, spyware, upgrade parts and replace broken ones.

You will know what it is to be a computer technician from Day 1, because you will be fixing computers on your very first day. Nothing beats actual hands-on experience.